Tesla Autopilot slams on the brakes for jaywalking dog [Video]

There have been countless videos shared of Tesla’s Autopilot system detecting and reacting to obstacles in the road.

Many times these videos are captured on the vehicle’s exterior cameras, making it difficult to know whether it was actually the computer, or the human driver, reacting to the situation.

However the latest video leaves no doubt as to who was responsible for a Model 3 slamming on its brakes for a jaywalking dog.

The video, shared by @TeslaHere3 on Twitter, is taken from inside the vehicle giving us a perfect view of both the road and the in-car display.

From this view we can see the car is clearly on Autopilot (blue lines, blue steering wheel icon) when a dog decides to cross the street directly in front of the Model 3.

Just as the visualization of the dog appears on the screen, the car slows down from 33mph (53km/h) to 6mph (9km/h) in about 1 second, enough to avoid the a serious collision with man’s best friend.

We know it was the car that reacted, and not the driver, because even just a slight tap on the brake pedal will immediately disengage Autopilot.

You can check out the full video below.

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