Tesla Model 3 puddle light upgrade [REVIEW]

Puddle Lights featured

You may not have noticed it, but all four doors on your Tesla Model 3 have puddle lights. These lights are located on the underside of each door to illuminate the ground in dark conditions and avoid puddles (hence the name), amongst other things.

One easy upgrade anyone can do is to purchase new puddle lights that project an image on the ground. There are several options out there as to what you want displayed, but we went with the simple Tesla T logo.

We purchased ours from Motrobe on Amazon for $19.99. That includes a pair of lights, so if you want to have enough for all four doors on your Model 3, you will need to add 2 sets to your cart. Included in the box are the two lights and instructions for installation (that tell you to park your car in the living room for installation, so you’re comfortable laying on the carpet). No spudger tool is provided to remove the existing lights, but I just used this tool that is used for replacing tires on bicycles.

As mentioned, the instructions provided are pretty useless, so watch a Youtube video or two to get an idea of what you need to do. Installation takes just 2 minutes per light. Simply remove the existing light using your spudger tool so as to not damage the door or the light. Once removed, unplug the light from the cable. Don’t be alarmed as this point as your windows will roll up or down, and the car will lock itself. Plug the new light in, ensure the angle of the light is how you want it (might be upside down), push it back into the door, and you’re done. It really is simple, and anyone can do it.

Some complaints about puddle light upgrades, depending on where you buy them from, is that they give off a hissing sound. These definitely do not.

The new lights are really bright and clearly visible, and will definitely make your Model 3 stand out at night.

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