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Full Autopilot may soon be coming to Europe

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Tesla Autopilot

According to a recent report out of Europe, there is a possibility Autopilot may soon have some of its shackles lifted allowing European drivers the chance to use the more of the technology in Tesla’s signature self-driving system.

Currently in Europe Tesla owners have a neutered version of Autopilot which limits its abilities on the road thanks to United Nations rules adopted by the European Union (EU). But apparently Tesla has been pressuring the EU to ease those regulations, and proposals for these changes could be presented soon.

Part of the restrictions imposed on Autopilot is that lane changes must be completed within 5 seconds of signalling. It also limits how sharp it can turn while under Autopilot. These new proposals, submitted by the European Association for Electromobility (Tesla is a member) suggest increasing the time limit to 20 seconds, and increasing the autonomous driving software’s ability to turn.

These proposed changes will not address some of the other restrictions around Autopilot, including the use of Smart Summon.