Made in Canada J1772 adapter lock for your Tesla

If you’ve ever charged your Tesla using your J1772 adapter, you may not realize that someone could unplug your vehicle while charging, potentially leaving you without enough charge to get you where you’re going. Fortunately your J1772 adapter will stay locked in the charge port, but there is no way to lock the charger to the adapter to prevent it from being unplugged by anyone.

This adapter lock is made from durable ABS plastic, and fits snugly over most public charging options available on the market today, like Flo and ChargePoint. Once in place, the lock prevents the eject button from being pushed down and being removed from the adapter. The only way to unplug the charger with the lock in place is to use your mobile app to stop charging and unlock the charge port.

This adapter is made in Canada and can be purchased for just $20, including shipping within Canada. If you’re interested, you can email if you have questions, or send an e-transfer to minhlam_22& with your shipping address.

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