Kenriko Tesla Model 3 Black Brushed Metal Console Wrap Kit [REVIEW]

Kenriko brushed metal kit

One part of the Tesla Model 3’s minimalist interior that many people love to hate is the piano black finish on the center console. It is great to look at when it is clean, but the only time that happens is when you pick it up on delivery day, or for the first 5 seconds after you have cleaned it. After that, it becomes a magnet for dust, dirt, and the dreaded fingerprints.

One quick and easy solution is to add a vinyl wrap to the center console, to protect it from scratches, and keep it looking clean all the time. There are many options when it comes to the wraps, from matte black to white to carbon fibre, even wood grain to match the look of the black interior’s wood dash. I opted for a brushed metal wrap by Kenriko on Amazon.

Kenriko brushed metal kit

The kit includes two copies of all the vinyl that goes on the cup holder section of the console, in case you make a mistake and don’t quite get the installation right the first time. It can be difficult, so it’s great that this is included with the kit. It also comes with one center wrap, one top wrap, two plastic installation blades, one metal razor blade in wax paper, one 6×7 microfiber cloth, a wipe and instructions.

The installation process does take a while, up to an hour or more depending on how perfect you want the cup holder section of the wrap to be. The top upper section of the console are much easier as you don’t have to worry about lining up the round edges of the cup holder. You can watch their

” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>official install video here, but make sure you have some time set aside as the video clocks in at 45 minutes long.

As the reviews state on Amazon with over 100 reviews for a 4.5 star rating, this is a great kit for the money, especially when you consider it includes two pieces of vinyl for the most difficult part of the install. I personally much prefer the look when complete compared to the stock piano black finish.

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