Tesla Model 3 LED streamer taillights from Hansshow – save 15% [Deal]

If you are looking for a unique way to customize your Tesla Model 3, then you might want to consider these new taillights from Hansshow.

The Model 3 LED Streamer Taillights are available for the 2017-2021 model years of the electric sedan. They are priced at $729 USD, but you can save 15% ($109.35) by using the coupon code DRIVETESLA at checkout, bringing the price down to $619.65.

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Product Description

These upgraded taillights provide a number of improved functionalities over the original equipment. The LED lamps provide greater brightness and the dynamic “breathing effect” for the turn signal means your intentions are much clearer to cars behind you.

before after taillights

The taillights are also designed for a plug-and-play installation, so you won’t have to cut or splice any wires.

  • LED width light:Open width light to scan breathing dynamic effect
  • LED Brake Light:highlight warnings to ensure driving safety
  • LED streamer cornering light:Progressive streamer effect, highlight cornering reminder
  • LED Reversing Light:Hightlight warnings and safety reversing

You can see the dynamic effects of the taillights in the video below.

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