Jeda Tray for Tesla Model 3/Y [Review]

Jeda has recently released a brand new product for both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y – a console organizer tray the doubles as a wireless charger, but not for your phone.

The Jeda Tray fits neatly inside your center console to act as two-tier organizer and for the first time, a wireless charging pad for smart watches and wireless headphones.

As with all Jeda products, it comes well packaged and the build quality is noticeable immediately upon taking it out of the box.

Installation takes all of two seconds – simply place it in your center console and plug it in with the provided magnetic cord. You can plug it in to the Jeda USB Hub if you already have one, or into one of the ports that come standard with the vehicle.

Since it is designed to sit about halfway down in your console, there is a sizeable area underneath it to store valuables that you might not want out in the open (even though it is already inside your center console).

I did encounter some difficulties when trying out the wireless charging area for my Apple Watch, which was not working at all. After reaching out to Jeda support the simple solution was to rotate the magnetic charging cord. As weird as that sounds, it did the trick and can now charge my watch while on the road.

Jeda Tray Apple Watch charging

Overall the Jeda Tray has been a welcomed addition to my Model 3. Having an organizer that looks like it was built for the car has been great, and the added ability to be able to charge more than just a phone is more useful than I thought it would be.

Build quality is excellent so far and in the month or so in use I have had no issues with fit and finish or charging after fixing the initial issue.

The Jeda Tray is available for $109, but you can save $10 by using the coupon code DRIVETESLA at checkout.

Click here to buy yours now.

Jeda TrayJeda TrayJeda Tray

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