3D Extreme Performance Floor Mats for Model 3 on sale for 10% off at TeslaShop.ca

We’re now in the midst of winter, and if you haven’t already experienced some snow or ice (hello west coast!), you likely will soon. When that time comes, you’re going to want to protect your Tesla with some all-weather floor mats.

You can now purchase a set of 3D Extreme Performance floor mats for your Tesla Model 3 at TeslaShop.ca, perfect for Canadian winters.

The 3D Extreme Performance floor mats retail for $129.99, cheap compared to some alternatives out there. You can also use the coupon code TIC10 at checkout to save an additional 10% off your order, bringing the price down to just $116.99. As always, express shipping is FREE within Canada.

The mats are measured and precisely cut with high edges to prevent any snow, mud, or water from coming in contact with the carpeted areas of the footwells. It includes coverage of the dead pedal for the driver’s left foot, something which other floor mats don’t always provide coverage for.

The mats are 100% waterproof and can be cleaned easily with just a wet cloth. If they need a more heavy duty clean, simply use any detergent or soap to get them looking like new again.

TeslaShop was started by a group of Canadian Tesla enthusiasts, and is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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