The morning after the Cybertruck unveil – sober second thoughts

It’s now the morning after the world was rocked with a radical new design for Tesla’s Cybertruck. Many didn’t like it, myself included as it rolled out on stage. Some even thought that was a gimmick truck and the real one was going to somehow emerge out of it. But Elon wasn’t messing around, and what you see is what you get (and then some).

As the night went on, and after more pictures and videos of the Cybertruck began to emerge on social media, the looks and design of the Cybertruck grew on many, again myself included. The Cybertruck won’t be released for at least another 2 years, plenty of time for many people to come around on the design. Also plenty of time for Tesla to make tweaks to the design as well, but I doubt it will be a radical departure from what we see today.

At the same time, I can’t help but feel like Tesla and Elon Musk missed the mark on the design of what makes up a huge segment of the market. While the design might appeal to many, there is likely a much larger segment that it will never appeal to. While the Cybertruck will, in the end, probably become a big seller, one can’t help but imaging what might have been had the design not been so radical.

Maybe we aren’t ready for such an extreme change that completely turns traditional truck (and car) design on its head. Similar things have been said in the past with Elon Musk’s designs, and now we’re driving some of the best looking (and safest) cars on the road today. Maybe in the future as we look back on today, we’ll be saying the same thing then.

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