Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck could have a drag coefficient of just .30

Cybertruck air flow Martin

Earlier this week, we reported that an engineer as well an aerodynamics & CFD specialist had attempted to analyze the aerodynamics of Tesla’s Cybertruck, with interesting results. In that article, the results of the analysis, based on unofficial renderings, showed a potential drag coefficient Cd of 0.48.

In a recent post on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that by the time the Cybertruck hits production, with some “extreme effort” by the design team, the Cybertruck could have a Cd of 0.30.

For comparison, the Model 3 has a Cd of 0.23, Model S is 0.24, and the Model X is 0.25. For electric vehicles, having a low Cd is crucial to being as efficient as possible to get the most range out of the heavy batteries that weight the vehicle down. With the Cybertruck still 2+ years away from hitting the roads, the Tesla team will be doing their best to get that Cd as low as possible.

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