Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Use an 8,000-Ton Giga Press for Its Single-Piece Rear Underbody

In Tesla’s latest earnings call, Elon Musk revealed that the Cybertruck will be using a massive 8,000-ton Giga Press.

After several tweaks, Musk said the design of the all-electric pickup has been completed. He also revealed that the manufacturing process will require an 8,000-ton Giga Press for its single-piece rear underbody.

The Model Y once held the record of having the biggest casting press in the world at 6,000 tons. However, it will be losing that rank to Cybertruck.

“We’re actually going to be using even bigger casting machines for the rear body of the Cybertruck because it’s a bigger vehicle and you’ve got a long truck bed that’s going to support a lot of load,” Musk said.

Tesla will soon be able to order the equipment necessary to make the electric vehicle.

The Model Y will be produced in Tesla’s Gigafactories in Berlin and Texas. In those two locations, the vehicle’s 6,000-ton Giga press machines have already been spotted. Texas will also begin manufacturing the Cybertruck, becoming the first facility to do so.

As a result, eager fans can hope to soon see Tesla’s new 8,000-ton Giga press in action in Texas.

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