Expect to see a new Cybertruck vs Ford F-150 test as soon as next week

The battle between Ford and Tesla continues, thanks to a helpful push from Neil deGrasse Tyson. This happened after the VP at Ford X twitter-challenged Tesla and Elon Musk to send them a Cybertruck so they can perform their own towing test.

Responding to the original video Musk posted to Twitter, deGrasse Tyson pointed out the source of traction, which the F-150 struggled with in the video, had more to do with the extra weight of the Cybertruck compared to the Ford.

Musk quickly responded by mentioning that physics rule all, and even if both trucks were fully loaded with cargo, the “insane torque” of the eletric Cybertruck would mean it would still prevail in the test. deGrasse Tyson agreed, saying a fairer test would be to do just that and load up both trucks to the max.

Responding to another Twitter user, Musk indicated he plans on performing just such a test, broadcast via a livestream webcast, could happen as early as next week.

Grab the popcorn, and wait for the next livestream from Tesla, hopefully next week! Game on.

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