Tesla applies for ‘Cyberbackpack’ trademark

Tesla could soon be adding a Cybertruck inspired backpack to their online store that will undoubtedly sell out within minutes just like their other recent Cybertruck inspired merchandise.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) the automaker applied to trademark ‘Cyberbackpack’ on April 8, 2022.

The filing shows the trademark would apply to book bags and school bags, and that the application is waiting to be assigned to an examiner.

Interestingly, we may already have a good idea of what the Cyberbackpack will look as Tesla wasn’t the first to come up with the idea.

That belongs to a Tesla fan who has already designed and created the product, and even created a website to sell it for $199 USD.

Making the situation even more interesting, the Cyberbackpack.com website is no longer live. According to the Wayback Machine, the last time it was archived was on April 1, 2022, just one week before Tesla applied for the trademark.

The archived version of the site describes the Cyberbackpack as follows:

“The ultimate collector item. Inspired by Elon’s Cybertruck, the Cyberbackpack is the perfect backpack for you to express your creativity and love for the future. Made from a carbon-fiber exterior with a protective waterproof and scratch proof hardshell, the Cyberbackpack was designed for everyday use, while offering unmatched durability and technology including USB charging ports and a combination lock system.”

If Tesla does bring the Cyberbackpack to market, it wouldn’t be their first backpack.

In China Tesla fans can purchase two backpacks, one of which already has a hint of the Cybertruck’s design.

You can check out a video showing off the Cyberbackpack below.

h/t: Electrek

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