Someone in Tulsa is offering Elon Musk a “Big F*cking Field” to build Cybertruck Gigafactory

Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced to the world on Twitter that the automaker was looking for locations for its next Gigafactory to manufacture the upcoming Cybertruck, somewhere in the central part of the United States.

Now it appears someone from Tulsa, Oklahoma (which is pretty much the definition of central US) is offering up a large plot of land for Musk to build his next Gigafactory, and using a unique marketing strategy to get Musk’s attention.

It’s hard to tell if the website (BFF) is genuine or satire, but it’s good for a laugh either way. (Ok, we’re pretty sure it’s satire)

Tesla Cybertruck big fucking field

According to the website, the plot of land is about 1,500 acres in size, 150.2 million miles from Mars, and just 1,053 miles from SEC headquarters.

The site even asks if you’re the real Elon Musk, and if so to tweet them @bigfuckingfield to “get the ball rolling.” If you’re not the real deal, you’re also asked to tweet Musk to hopefully get his attention about the site.

If you, or Musk, are serious about making use of the site, you can place a pre-order deposit of $100 to secure your BFF today.

Take a break from your day and check out BFF to enjoy some light-hearted reading.

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