First look at the Tesla Cybertruck’s latest interior updates

The Tesla Cybertruck made a guest appearance earlier today at the ceremonial ribbon-cutting for the Elkhorn Battery Energy Storage System in Moss Landing, California.

Photos and videos of the Cybertruck were shared online, but just like previous sightings of the electric truck we did not get to see the updated interior.

Thankfully KSBW Action News 8 was on hand at the event and has given us our first look at the Cybertruck’s new interior.

As expected for what we believe is an Alpha build, the fit and finish is nothing close to what we should expect to see the in the production version, but it does give us a good idea of what to expect in terms of design.

The biggest change is to the Cybertruck’s dashboard, which no longer features the white marble finish seen on the original prototype, with Tesla instead opting for a more traditional look and feel.

We also get to see the secondary display behind the yoke steering wheel, like what is found on the Model S and Model X.

This Cybertruck also has slightly difference pedals that are more squared-off that what it currently uses, and the driver’s seat does not have the controls for lumbar support, although this is likely to cut costs on the pre-production units and will be added for the production version.

Another interesting but not unsurprising discovery with these pictures is that Tesla has not developed a working version of their software for the Cybertruck.

Looking closely at the center display we can see they are using the software for the Model X, with an image of rear of the vehicle and the controls to open the doors and trunk. This could indicate the Cybertruck might also come with automatic doors.

Hopefully with these photos now out in the wild we will see more in the future, and perhaps even a video tour of the inside.

Let us know in the comments below if you spot something else interesting with the interior of the Cybertruck in these photos.

Tesla Cybertruck makes guest appearance at commissioning of Elkhorn Megapack facility in Moss Landing

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