Tesla reveals new Superchargers coming to Canadian Tire Stores in Mount Forest and Exeter [Ontario]

Tesla has finally updated their map for the 4th quarter. Although Tesla is indicating delays for Superchargers like Montreal, they have also added two new locations in Exeter and Mount Forest. Oddly, Tesla seems to have accidentally released the exact locations for both future Superchargers.

The map view for each location shows the Supercharger pin located in a Canadian Tire parking lot. CT has previously partnered with Tesla on Superchargers scattered across the country, so there is no doubt that Tesla is partnering with them once again in Southwestern Ontario.

The Mount Forest Supercharger pin is located in the Canadian Tire parking lot at 101 Mt Forest Dr


The Exeter Supercharger pin is located in the Canadian Tire parking lot at 100 Thames Rd E

It is quite likely that it was not Tesla’s intention to release the exact locations of the new Superchargers, seen as transparency has never really been a thing for the company, especially when it comes to releasing new Supercharger locations. It also seems that Tesla accidentally marked Exeter as open even though the location is supposed to be coming soon.


At the time of writing this article, it looks like there could have been a premature update, and the locations could change back to the centre of town in due course. We will follow up on any notable changes to the map

H/T to CanadaGoose on the Tesla Motors Club for the initial tip on the new locations

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