Tesla starts accepting suggestions for future Supercharger locations on Twitter, polls coming soon

supercharger voting
Credit: Tesla

Tesla will soon start polling customers on Twitter on where future Supercharger locations should be built, after Elon Musk came up with the idea during the Annual Shareholder Meeting last month.

During the meeting at Giga Texas on August 4, Musk was talking about how they determine Supercharger locations based on demand in the area. This doesn’t always translate into new Supercharger locations however, and after some comments from shareholders in attendance, Musk said off the cuff, “maybe we should do an online poll for where we should put Superchargers?”

True to his word, a little over one month later and the official Tesla Charging Twitter account announced this morning Supercharger voting will start soon.

There was no date for when the first poll would take place, but Tesla said customers can reply to their tweet with suggested locations and those replies with the most likes will be included in that poll.

While the Supercharger network in Canada is vast, so is Canada, and there are still a lot of underserved areas. One of those underserved areas is Vancouver Island, which as one of the highest concentrations of Tesla owners per capita in North America, yet has only one Urban (72kW) Supercharger in Victoria and another V2 (150kW) station in Nanaimo (you can vote for Vancouver Island by liking our reply here).

The current Supercharger network is for the most part concentrated along the Trans-Canada Highway, for obvious reasons, so a further expansion to more northern and remote locations would also be welcomed by Tesla owners in Canada.

Then of course there are the Maritime provinces which having a growing number of Tesla owners but very limited options when it comes to Superchargers.

You can suggest a location on the tweet below.

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