Tesla expands Starlink to Superchargers in the UK, adds more stations in the US

More Tesla Superchargers are getting Starlink, with at least four new locations coming online this week in the US and United Kingdom (UK).

Previously, we reported that the US and Canadian Supercharging network was slowly rolling out Starlink terminals to Superchargers. The rollout has been systematic and without much fanfare.

However, it appears that Tesla has opted to expand the rollout to now include Superchargers in the United Kingdom.

From Twitter, we can confirm that the following Superchargers have received Starlink services in the last week and are now active.

Rugby, United Kingdom

Lexington, Kentucky

Macon, Georgia

Valdosta, Georgia

For Tesla owners, your Tesla will automatically connect to the service under the network name ‘Tesla Service’. According to users, the internet connection is fast and strong.

There is no word on when the Starlink service will further expand into Canada. We have seen a couple of Superchargers with the service, but no word on any new spots as of yet.

If you notice a Starlink terminal up at your local Supercharger, send us a message at tips@driveteslacanada.ca, or tag us on Twitter @DriveTeslaca.

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