Starship will be ready to fly in July, aiming for monthly flights by September

Credit: SpaceX

Elon Musk took to Twitter and confirmed that Starship will be ready to fly by July.

SpaceX has been waiting for a long time to conduct the space craft’s first orbital flight. Initially, SpaceX wanted to conduct flight tests last summer, but delays in development and regulatory approvals pushed the timeline back.

However, it looks like it could happen next month.

On Monday, SpaceX received a major environmental decision from the FAA. However, SpaceX must fulfil 75 conditions before the company can apply for a launch licence from the FAA.

In addition to the first flights in July, Musk confirmed they would have a second Starship ready to fly in August.

Then, it looks like SpaceX will complete monthly launches as they continue to test and hone Starship.

Starship will be the go-to long-range and heavy-weight option for SpaceX moving forward if it tests well.

Starship, of course, uses the Super Heavy booster powered by SpaceX’s new Raptor series of engines.

However, SpaceX has yet to get Starship to space. The craft has completed multiple high-altitude flights, but orbital flights have yet to happen.

SpaceX nor Musk confirmed an exact launch window, nor did they confirm if they have started working through the 75 conditions they received on Monday.

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