Starlink Could Be Deployed for First Time in Israel Amid Conflict

Israel said it is in talks with SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services in the country. Israel is seeking to strengthen its connectivity during the current military conflict with the Gaza Strip.

Starlink continues to establish itself as the most reliable means of communication for use in the most extreme environments. The service is currently not available in Israel, but is being discussed for the first time use in the country, according to Israel Minister of Communications Shlomo Karhi H.

“The activity of coordinating the Israeli company Starlink is taking place, enabling the operation of communication terminals by the company SpaceX, which will allow a wide broadband internet connection in Israel,” the official wrote. “Additionally, under the guidance of the minister, the ministry promotes the purchase of these satellite devices for the benefit of regional councils and community leaders in conflict zone settlements.”

More than one week ago, Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls the Gaza Strip, led a terrorist attack on Israel. As a result, more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians, died. Israel launched retaliatory missile strikes.

Satellite internet provides a decisive advantage during military conflicts, as demonstrated by Russia’s 2022 attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian military relied entirely on Starlink for communications.

At the moment, it remains unknown in detail for what purposes and by whom Starlink would be used in Israel. The service was provided to the Ukrainian military only for the protection and use of civilians. It is expected that in Israel it will also be deployed within this framework. However, SpaceX also offers an internet connection for military use, Starshield.

While Starlink is end-to-end encrypted, Starshield promises even greater security with its high-strength cryptographic capabilities. This means customers can host highly sensitive payloads and process the data at the level of security required by governments. Recently, SpaceX received a contract for $70 million from the US Space Force for its Starshield.

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