SpaceX receives license to provide Starlink service in Bahrain

spacex starlink dish

Bahrain’s Communications Regulatory Authority announced on Wednesday SpaceX has been granted a license to provide Starlink satellite internet services in the Kingdom.

This marks first time Starlink has received a license to operate in the Gulf Cooperation Council, a union that consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With Starlink’s ability to deliver services to consumers in Bahrain and the wider region, Bahrain says the service will assist the Kingdom in maintaining its position as a leading contender in the telecommunications markets.

Philip Marnick, Director-General of the authority, commented on the approval:

“We are pleased that Starlink has chosen Bahrain as the first market in the Gulf to obtain licenses for its services. This will ensure that consumers and businesses in the Kingdom continue to have access to the most advanced telecom capabilities and services,” Marnick said. (via Bahrain News Agency)

No information has been provided on how much the Starlink equipment or the monthly service fee will cost in Bahrain.

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