SpaceX expands Starlink hardware rentals to New Zealand, offers 30% discount on purchase

SpaceX is making it easier for customers in New Zealand to sign up for Starlink. The company is now allowing subscribers to rent their Starlink hardware on a monthly basis, making it just the second time SpaceX has made this rental offer in as many weeks. For those customers that would prefer to purchase their hardware outright SpaceX is also offering a 30% discount.

Last week SpaceX began notifying customers in the UK and Ireland they could rent Starlink hardware for £15 (~$25 CAD/$18 USD) per month, instead of have to pay over £460 upfront for the dish. The deal also came with a one-time activation fee of £99.

Now the company has expanded that offer to New Zealand. According to an email sent to customers on Friday they can rent a Starlink dish for $29 NZD (~$25 CAD/~$18 USD) per month.  However unlike the UK there does not appear to be a one-time activation fee. (via Reddit)

If renting isn’t your thing you can also purchase the Starlink hardware for a discount at $729 NZD (~$630 CAD/~$457 USD), 30% off the regular price of $1,040 NZD (~$898 CAD/~$652 USD).

Pricing for the monthly Starlink service has remained the same at $150 NZD per month. The email states there are no long term contracts with either the rental or purchase option.

The offer is also only available for the fixed Starlink Residential service and is not available for Business, Maritime, Mobile or Roam Services.

There has unfortunately been no indication yet that this rental offer will be coming to North America. According to the Starlink support page the rental option is only available in “select markets,” which now includes the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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