SpaceX announces Starlink service for moving vehicles to launch in December

SpaceX has expanded its lineup of Starlink dishes and its service offerings. The company has announced a new Flat High Performance dish for their Starlink for RV service, which for the first time allows for a satellite internet connection while a vehicle is in-motion.

Until now Starlink for RV was limited to use while your RV, or other vehicle was parked and stationary. Having the option to connect while in-motion will be useful to many, but it will come at an added cost.

The standard Starlink dish costs $599 USD, but for in-motion use you must purchase the Flat High Performance dish for $2,500 USD. Fortunately the only increased cost is for the hardware as the subscription fee stays the same at $135 USD per month.

For that monthly fee you will get access to Starlink’s “Best Effort” tier, which can result in slower internet speeds and degraded service in certain areas.

SpaceX says the new dish must be securely installed onto your vehicle with the Wedge mount included with every purchase. Using it without the Wedge mount will void your warranty.

Keeping it on the outside of your vehicle should pose no problems for the dish as it is designed to be “resilient in harsh environments.”

“With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, the Flat High Performance Starlink can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity on the go,” SpaceX says.

The Flat High Performance Dish is not yet available in Canada and only available in select US markets for now. The first units are expected to start arriving on doorsteps in December.

SpaceX also recently announced another Flat High Performance dish, but for Maritime use. The two dishes appear to be different as the Maritime hardware costs $5,000 per dish, compared to $2,500 for the in-motion dish as noted above.

SpaceX unveils new Flat High Performance Starlink dish for Maritime users

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