Tesla 2023.6.1 Software Update & Release Notes

2023.6.1 Release Notes

Zoom Meetings (now available in Canada)

Make video calls with Zoom using the interior cabin camera. If you have a Zoom meeting in your Calendar, tap the link to automatically start or join your meeting. Participant video and screen sharing are only visible while parked and will switch to audio-only if you drive. To access Zoom, tap Application Launcher > Zoom.

Note – This feature requires Premium Connectivity.


Steering Yoke Heat

Automatically heat the steering wheel based on the climate control set temperature. To access the heating controls, tap the temperature settings.




New Language Support

You can now select Icelandic as your touchscreen language. To update your language settings, tap Controls > Display and select your preferred language from the Touchscreen Language drop-down menu.



Via TeslaUpdates.org

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