Watch a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot react quickly to avoid collision with tricycle

There are times when Tesla’s Autopilot feature doesn’t seem to react to objects in its way, like the recent video of a Model 3 colliding with an overturned truck.

But then there are more times when it does something truly remarkable, and at the same time saves a life.

That’s the case with this Model 3 in Wuhan, China recently, as seen in this video that was shared by Tesla’s official Weibo account.

The driver of the Model 3 admits to having the Autopilot feature engaged, but not paying full attention to the road and ready to take control of the vehicle at any moment (as Tesla advises).

As the car travels along the inside lane of a highway, a tricycle is seen in the far right light make an attempt to cross three lanes of busy highway traffic. He is able to make it across, but not before coming face to face with the Tesla.

With seemingly inches to spare, the computers in the Model 3 react to swerve around the tricycle, narrowly avoiding what would have likely been a fatal accident.

As always, there’s no way for us to verify that Autopilot was actually engaged, but there are a couple of things that lead us to believe it was. The first is the driver admitting to not paying attention, and Tesla officially sharing the video. The other is the swerve around the tricycle was very controlled, not what you’d typically expect from a human reacting at the last second.

If nothing else, this video, and others like it, serve as a good reminder to always pay attention to the road when Autopilot is engaged and be ready to take control at anytime.

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