XPeng expands ADAS feature to Beijing

XPeng has expanded its Advanced Driver Assistance System, City Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP), to Beijing. This makes XPeng the first automaker with an ADAS system to launch in China’s capital.

Per Reuters, City NGP is now open to XPeng drivers in Beijing as a beta on the city’s ring roads and major highways. The beta is limited, but the feature will soon go live on the XPeng G9 Max and XPeng P7i with the Xmart OS 4.3.0 system update. However, those with the XPeng P5 P will need to update to Xmart OS 3.5.0 to access the feature.

XPeng already had City NGP up and operational in three other markets in China, those being Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In their statement, XPeng noted that the company plans to launch the feature in dozens of cities in China within the year. Besides the Beijing update, the OTA update also brings clients an enhanced Highway NGP function. This function allows the vehicles to travel on the highway with close to zero interventions by the driver.

The company is also working on providing drivers with a customized City NGP capability designed for daily commuting. This new feature is not available yet but will be rolled out in the coming months along with the additional Chinese cities and urban areas.

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