Windsor Police will install EV chargers ahead of EV purchases

EV charger plug

The Windsor Police Service will install three charging stations that will be up and running by the Spring of 2023.

Last week, the Windsor Police Service announced that they would replace ageing non-marked vehicles in their fleet with EVs starting in 2023.

They also confirmed that the police service would install three new charging stations for public and police car use.

The three new chargers will go in at:

  • Windsor Police Service Headquarters on Goyeau Street
  • The Windsor Police Service Training Facility on Sandwich Street
  • Windsor Police Services Collision Centre on Jefferson Street

The police service confirmed that they are currently applying for grants to help subsidize the cost of the chargers. However, they did not confirm details around what chargers the police service would procure.

Windsor Police Director of Planning and Physical Resources had this to say to CTV News on the planned purchase.

“By starting with electric charging stations, get those in first at the various facilities, then that opens the door to start considering gradually integrating electric vehicles into our fleet as older vehicles transition out.”

The police service did not confirm the exact date the chargers would go live, nor did they confirm which EVs they were looking to procure.

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