Western Australian Police invest $8.5 million to deploy Starlink

The Western Australian Police Force is set to revolutionize its communication capabilities by investing $8.5 million in SpaceX’s Starlink. The investment comes after a successful three-month technology trial of the satellite internet service, and aims to equip 550 vehicles and 129 regional police stations with satellite internet connectivity.

Western Australia’s vast landscape presents unique challenges for law enforcement, often leaving officers working in remote and isolated locations without reliable communication. With the introduction of Starlink, this issue will soon become a thing of the past.

The deployment of Starlink will revolutionize how the police force conducts business. One of the most significant advantages is the ability for officers to access “mission-critical information” even in areas without cellular or radio coverage. This includes automatic number plate recognition data and real-time emergency alerts. Not only that, but officers will be able to livestream body-worn and vehicle dashboard camera footage directly to the State Operations Command Centre in Perth, as well as access aircraft and security camera feeds.

This heightened level of connectivity promises to enhance situational awareness for officers on the frontline, enabling them to make real-time decisions during emergencies.

What sets this project apart is its integration with the Force’s existing communication network. This seamless blending of old and new technology ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruptions in service, setting a high standard for similar initiatives worldwide.

“The WA Police Force operates in one of the largest geographical police districts in the world and it’s about to have complete communication coverage. For the first time, officers will have high-speed internet no matter where they are in the state,” Police Minister Paul Papalia said. (via itNews)

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