Watch Tesla’s new V10 software in action [VIDEO]

Tesla V10 Youtube

With the roll-out of the V10 software update to Early Access Program (EAP) users over the weekend, more and more info has been emerging. For more details around what to expect in V10, read our V10 software update article from the weekend.

Now we get a chance to see V10 in action, in this video from ALL Electric on Youtube.

Tesla in Canada’s first impressions: for what is technically a BETA release to EAP users, V10 looks really good. The massive screen on the Model 3 is made for big-screen content like what you will find on Netflix and Youtube, and looks (and will sound) spectacular. Caraoke looks really fun, and I’m sure will be a hit with our kids.

What feature are you most looking forward to in V10? Let us know below.

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