Volkswagen pressing ahead with plans for summer release of ID.3

Despite reports of massive problems with the software in their new electric vehicle (EV), Volkswagen has reiterated their plans to launch the new ID.3 in Europe this summer.

In a press release this week, the German automaker appears to acknowledge the software problems in the ID.3, but says they’re going to deliver the car anyway, and will send fixes over-the-air (OTA) at a later date.

During production, the current software version will initially be transferred to the vehicle. Over subsequent months, the digital functions will be regularly updated. The objective is to deliver the 30,000 pre-booked ID.3 vehicles in the 1st Edition to customers throughout Europe at almost the same time.

Vw also makes the claim the ID.3 will be as cheap, or cheaper to buy than a comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) car like the Golf Life. Add in the savings because of less maintenance required, and VW is predicting the ID.3 will be much cheaper after a look at the lifetime cost of ownership.

The basic version with a range of 330 kilometers costs less than €23,430 in Germany, following deduction of the environmental bonus. It is therefore at least as inexpensive as comparable models such as the Golf Life.

VW confirmed in the press release they plan to roll-out deliveries of the limited 1st Edition ID.3 to the 30,000 customers who have pre-booked one, all at about the same time. If they can deliver on that promise, the 20,000+ deep waiting list could get shorter.

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