Volkswagen ID.4 leaked ahead of launch later this year

Volkswagen ID4 leaked

While Volkswagen tries to fix software issues that has delayed the launch of its ID.3 electric vehicle (EV) in the United Kingdom, new images have leaked of its first electric SUV, the ID.4.

The ID.4 will first hit the US later this year (pending any revised dates from VW due to any coronavirus impacts), and is also scheduled to come to Canada in 2021. It was spotted testing earlier this year in Europe, but these are the first images of the car completely undisguised.

The leaked images, first posted to the VWIDTalk forums, show what appear to the production version of the vehicle, along with the different wheel options available to potential purchasers.

When it was first announced, VW said it will be capable of a range of approximately 500km (310 miles). It is expected that range estimate is for the “long range” version, with other configurations have shorter ranges between charges.

Exact pricing for the ID.4 has yet to be revealed by Volkswagen, but it is expected to start at around $35,000 USD ($47,500 CAD).

The ID.4 will first only come in a RWD configuration, with the AWD version available at a future date.

What do you think of the ID.4? Let us know in the comments below. Here are a couple of concept images when the ID.4 was first announced.

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