The Porsche Taycan Turbo S actually achieved a higher EPA mileage rating, but Porsche chose to lower it

A Porsche Taycan awaiting a charge at the launch of Electrify Canada’s first charging station at Toronto Premium Outlets shopping centre. Photo: Brian Banks

You might recall that when the EPA released their rating for the top-of-the-line Porsche Taycan Turbo S, there was a collective gasp when it was found to only get 192 miles (308km) on a single charge.

But it turns out the EPA actually got a higher rating than what was finally published, and it was Porsche who chose to lower it.

Based on their findings, the EPA rating was actually 200 miles (321km), according to the EPA’s Fuel Economy Guide spreadsheet. On there it says, “Combined range voluntarily lowered from 200 miles.” (via Car & Driver)

While a 200 mile range would have still been seen as a low number, it would have at least started with a 2, and maybe lessened the impact of the rating.

As for the reason why Porsche lowered the number? According to Porsche spokesman Calvin Kim, 192 miles is what Porsche themselves achieved during their testing at its Weissach, Germany facility, so they decided to go with that number instead.

It turns out they also lowered the Taycan Turbo’s rating, but only by one mile. The EPA published a 201 mile range, but the tests actually achieved a 202 mile range.

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