The first EV from Lexus comes with a 1 million kilometer warranty

Lexus, the luxury brand from Toyota, has just released their first EV in China, and with it an industry leading battery warranty.

The Lexus UX 300e is an electric crossover that features a 54.3kWh battery pack that Lexus claims will be able to achieve 400km (249 miles) on a single charge. That estimate is based on the often-generous NEDC rating scale.

Lexus believes their battery pack is so good they are providing new owners with a 10 year, 1 million kilometer (621,000 miles) warranty, including battery degradation if it falls below 70% of the original capacity.

While the numbers certainly look impressive, it’s unlikely that many (if any) drivers will pass the 1 million kilometer mark, so the warranty is effectively an unlimited mileage 10 year warranty.

The automaker’s confidence comes from their air-cooling system for the battery pack, as well as heating elements for each module, and improved rubber seals to keep water and dust out. (via Car and Driver)

In addition to the battery pack 10-year warranty, the UX300e is also covered by a 5-year drivetrain warranty and a 3-year vehicle warranty.

It will be interesting to see if Lexus offers the same warranty when it hits the European market, which is expected to happen later this year.

When it went on sale on April 26, prices ranged from ¥362,000 to ¥385,000 ($71,300 – $75,800 CAD). That puts it above the price point of the Tesla Model 3 Performance in China, which comes in at ¥357,300.

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