Tesla updates vehicle unmatching policy to prevent long order holds

Tesla has seen so much demand over the last few years that delivery windows have stretched out to over one year for some of their vehicles, and even stopped taking orders on the Model 3 Long Range variant.

As they have been able to ramp production at Fremont and Giga Texas, delivery wait times in North America are now starting to shrink.

As a result, Tesla has updated one of its policies that could see your order being cancelled if you don’t follow the rules carefully.

The updated policy also means you will no longer be able to place an order early to protect yourself against future price increases with the hopes of putting that order on hold to take delivery when you are ready.

Tesla explained the new vehicle unmatching policy in an email to employees this week, a copy of which was obtained by Drive Tesla.

According to the email, the delivery window on the Design Studio when you first place your order will now be used to determine how and when you can place your order on hold. While explaining the changes, we will use a delivery window of October to December 2022, the current timeframe for a Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive order in Canada and the US.

Tesla refers to this as your “configurator window,” saying that before the window begins you can place your order on hold, or be unmatched from a vehicle if one in your configuration arrives early.

In our example, this would mean any time before October 1.

Once October 1 hits however, you are now only allowed to place your order on a one-time 7-day hold.

If you decide to place your order on hold, once the 7 days expires, you must accept delivery or your order will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.

What this change essentially means is that you should only be placing an order when you know you can take delivery in the estimated window provided.

This won’t impact most customers, but it will for those who place an order as “price protection” with no intention of taking delivery in the window provided at the time of ordering.

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