Tesla adds Premium Connectivity subscription to referral program, credits for loyalty buyers

Tesla has updated their referral program, adding a new incentive for buyers, and adding referral credits for loyalty buyers.

In the early days of Tesla the company offered free internet connectivity in its cars. However, as Tesla’s popularity and the numbers of Tesla cars on the road grew, the company had to revisit this policy, and in 2018 introduced a paid subscription for Premium Connectivity.

Premium Connectivity adds a number of features to your car, like life traffic visualization, satellite-view maps, music and video streaming, and much more.

Tesla still wanted to give new owners the opportunity to try the feature to entice them to subscribe, so they included a 1 year free trial with all new purchases. Again, as the popularity of the Model 3 and Model Y grew exponentially, Tesla limited the trial to 30 days for the two EVs, while keeping the 1 year trial for new Model S/X owners.

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Now the company is again giving all new owners a 1 year Premium Connectivity subscription, but this time you have to use a referral code.

According to an update to the mobile app on Wednesday night, new buyers and loyalty buyers (those who already own a Tesla and are buying another) will get the 1 year subscription, along with the three-month trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD).

In addition, loyalty buyers can now also get 10,000 referral credits.

Unfortunately there has been no changes to the benefits for the referrer, as you can still only earn 10,000 credits when someone uses your referral code.

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