Tesla to rename and possibly revamp FSD driving profiles

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is set to receive a new name for one of its selectable driving profiles. The change will come in a future software update, although it is unclear if it will just be a renaming or if Tesla will change the behaviours for each driving mode.

Tesla latest version of FSD, v12, which works on end-to-end neural nets, has delivered notable and promising improvements. One of the biggest pieces of negative feedback so far has been how quickly the car accelerates from a stop, and how aggressive it can be with some maneuvers.

Tesla does give users the option to change how assertive the system is, offering ‘Chill,’ ‘Average,’ and ‘Assertive’ driving profiles in the settings.

However, as we and many others have noticed with FSD, even on ‘Chill,’ v12 can still be quite assertive and quick to accelerate off the line. One user, Gali (@Gfilche) expressed this sentiment on X, asking for an even chiller driving mode, which he said should be called ‘Turtle’ mode and suggested it would be useful for people new to the FSD experience.

Despite asking for a slower driving mode, Elon Musk replied saying “FSD will have chill, standard, and hurry modes.”

Musk didn’t provide further details on the changes, and whether it will simply be a renaming exercise, or if the underlying logic behind each mode will be changing to more appropriately match the name.

Which driving mode setting do you currently have selected for FSD? Let us know in the comments below.

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