Tesla to release significant UI improvements and control customizations in 2023.12 software update

Tesla has started deploying its latest 2023.12 software update to employees before a wide public release, and the update contains a number of significant user-interface (UI) improvements that both new and existing owners will enjoy.

According to third-party companion app and software update tracker Teslascope, the update includes both usability improvements that will improve access for everyone, as well as the long-requested ability to customize some of the controls.

On the usability front, for those that have trouble reading the text on the screen, Tesla will now allow you to adjust the size of the text, providing two options – Standard or Large. Gone are the days of tapping each menu item to find what you are looking for as a search bar has been added to the in-car menu. Superchargers and Points of Interest on the map have also been improved with the addition of photos and reviews.

Control customization is finally coming with 2023.12 as well, with the customization focused around the left steering wheel scroll wheel. You can now change the settings so that this scroll wheel can adjust screen brightness, Acceleration Mode. It can also be programmed to perform actions like “toggling the Camera App, opening the glovebox, and saving dashcam footage,” Tesla explains in the release notes. All of these customizations and more will be available in a menu setting (Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function).

With this update you can now also use the left scroll wheel to answer or decline incoming phone calls, or while you’re on a call mute-unmute or hang up.

Some of the other features included in this update are:

  • Gear Chimes – A chime now sounds when you shift gears.
  • Passenger Seat Controls (Model S/X only) – Adjust the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen to make it easier to enter or exit the rear seat.
  • Get to Know Your Tesla – Learn basics like creating Driver Profiles, using Phone Key and regenerative braking from the ‘Get to Know Your Tesla’ education experience within the new ‘Manual’ app.
  • Zoom – expanded to more regions.
  • Voice Recognition Language – British Language is now available as a voice recognition language.

With the release just being deployed to employees, it will likely be another week or so until we see this update deployed to customer vehicles. Depending on how testing goes some of these features may be removed by the time that happens.

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