Tesla Deliveries in Australia Break Records: 10 Ships Arrive in 2 Months of Q3

Tesla deliveries in Australia are breaking records. In just two months of Q3 a total of 10 ships arrived. Tesla car sales this year are already approached 30,000 units in July, promising record total deliveries at the end of the year.

10 Tesla ships in two months of Q3 in Australia

According to the FCAI, Tesla is currently having its best sales year in Australia, as reported by the local publication, The Driven. By the end of July, sales of the brand’s electric vehicles had already approached 30,000 units, breaking previous records. Now it is expected to set a new record for quarterly deliveries. According to Tesla’s ship tracker, @VedaPrime/X, in the first two months of Q3 2023 alone, 10 ships filled with Tesla vehicles arrived in the country. @VedaPrime reported on X that the latest batch arrived to Australia on Glovis Caravel.

Tesla’s largest batch was spotted last week

In Australia, Q3 for Tesla started very actively. Just last week, the ship delivered the largest number of cars in a single shipment to Western Australia. It is reported that there were 749 Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys. The unloading took place at the port of Fremantle. According to information from the Tesla Owners Club of Western Australia, it took the team a couple of days. Data for August is not yet available as Tesla still has time to deliver the vehicles.

Strong sales in July

Nevertheless, the figures for July look excellent. Last month, which was the first in Q3, Tesla sold about 4,000 vehicles in Australia. This is 7% more than in April this year, which was the previous first month of the quarter. This increase is a good sign. It is worth noting that deliveries to Australia remained at a high level, despite the fact that the Model 3 production line at Giga Shanghai was stopped for some time for retooling. Model Y topped the charts and even surpassed the hugely popular Toyota Rav4. The electric SUV is expected to continue its lead.

Tesla stimulates sales in Australia

To further support this quarter’s strong growth, Tesla offered discounts on cars purchased early in the quarter. Model 3 and Model Y are now the cheapest ever. Some options are discounted by AU$3,500. Tesla Model 3 now starts at AU$57,400 and Model Y at AU$65,400. Prices are exclusive of any state and national incentives.

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