Tesla to Integrate Unique Needs of Chinese Consumers into Product Design, Says Chief of Design

Tesla has always been attentive to the unique needs of its customers, tailoring changes to customer preferences. The company continues to focus on consumers, making its cars especially attractive to them. According to Tesla Chief of Design Franz von Holzhausen, the company is integrating the unique needs of Chinese consumers into product design.

Von Holzhausen visited the Tesla factory in China this week. According to a report in Shanghai Securities News, he mentioned the company’s continued goal of meeting customer needs. He noted that Tesla spends time and energy listening to the requirements of different markets. As a result, local needs are integrated into product design, ensuring both safety and unique product appearance.

Tesla’s Chief of Design said this is also the reason the company’s design, engineering, and manufacturing teams are based in China. There are many considerations and balances to be made in the process to ensure the safety and basic quality of the vehicles, he said.

Demand in Chinese and other markets is changing, and Tesla is looking to meet local needs. The company will make efforts to satisfy its customers in China, Europe, and other markets to achieve good sales, von Holzhausen said.

“We take the time and effort to listen to the needs of different markets, incorporate local needs into our product design, and ensure that our products are safe and aesthetically pleasing from a design and engineering perspective.”

According to von Holzhausen, future Tesla vehicle designs will primarily adhere to the principles of safety, efficiency, simplicity, and user-friendliness. He added that while Tesla insists on minimalism, it also prioritizes safe driving.

Tesla already has an R&D center in Shanghai, which houses about 28 laboratories. As the company’s first overseas vehicle-based R&D center, it includes teams for software, hardware, electronics, materials, and energy development. It focuses on developing Tesla’s software, hardware, process, and technology in China. It is also involved in application customization and standardized testing in the Chinese market, and is involved in global AI machine learning.

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