Tesla Supercharger in Osoyoos vandalized with spray foam

Over the years we have seen numerous cases of vandalism at Tesla Supercharger stations. Typically, vandalism takes the form of cutting the charging cables, but in this latest incident, the vandals took a slightly less traditional approach.

Earlier this week vandals hit the Supercharger station in Osoyoos, British Columbia, located in the interior of the province just north of the Canada/US border. According to photos shared by local Tesla owner Jasmine King with the Salmon Arm Observer, the vandals appear to have sprayed insulating spray foam in the dock where the charging cable sits when not in use. This of course meant the spray foam got inside the connector itself, rendering it useless.

King says that the vandals likely targeted the Supercharger because of a hatred towards electric vehicles (EVs), and wondered how people can be so upset over someone’s choice of car.

“It definitely is frustrating, the lengths people go through to show hatred towards EVs — we’ve seen some cut before. I know a lot of people are very upset over electric vehicles which is beyond me because it’s a car, but let’s not ruin it for others,” she told the Salmon Arm Observer.

According to King, only one Supercharger post was vandalized, and that she notified Tesla of the damage. Tesla’s crew appears to have worked quickly as the mobile app currently shows all 8 stalls as being available.

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