Tesla stops offering seasonal tire swaps

As North America emerges from the depths of winter, Tesla owners are starting to think about spring and the inevitable changeover to their set of summer rims and tires.

If you were hoping to have Tesla perform the swap for you, you are going to have to look elsewhere this year.

According to messages received from Tesla Service by some eager owners looking to secure an appointment early in the season, Tesla is no longer performing tire changes.

In a message received by Sheng R. on the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group on Facebook, this change applies to both in person visits to the Service Center, and to Mobile Rangers visiting your house or place of work.

In a separate message received by one of our readers, Tesla is recommending a visit to a third party to have the tire swap performed.

They also note that this change applies to all of eastern Canada.

If possible, we recommend doing your own seasonal tire changes – it is quick and easy with a Tesla as you can jack up both the front and rear tire by using the rear jack point alone.

All you need is a jack, jack pads, breaker bar, and torque wrench, which should cost no more than $200 to acquire.

A typical tire swap can cost around $100, so the expense to getting the equipment to do it yourself is paid off after just two swaps.

Plus you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and you won’t have to battle the crowds and haul a set of tires in your car.

If you have received a similar message from Tesla and you don’t live in eastern Canada, let us know in the comments below.

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