Tesla Semi’s real-world performance shines in NACFE ‘Run On Less’ event

Real-world performance of the Tesla Semi has been revealed after some initial tests at the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) “Run On Less” event. The performance stats come nearly ten months after PepsiCo received its first Tesla Semi in December 2022, with the event aimed at assessing the practical viability of electric commercial vehicles.

The results were pulled from a fleet of Tesla Semis that were entered into the event from PepsiCo’s Sacramento, California, bottling depot. During the event the Semis, along with entries from other companies, will perform both short-haul and long-haul delivery missions. While most of PepsiCo’s fleet operates within a 100 mile (161km) radius, the three Tesla Semis will embark on journeys stretching up to 450 miles (720km), a figure well within Tesla’s estimated single-charge range of 500 miles (805km).

On the inaugural day of testing, one Tesla Semi covered 335 miles (539km) on a single charge, retaining 17% state of charge (SoC) at the end of the run. The second Semi managed 295 miles (475km) before recharging at 21% SoC remaining. Meanwhile, the third Semi easily led the pack with a 377 mile range (607km), nearly exhausting its battery to 1.76%.

The results also showed the temperature during the initial test day was 94°F (34°C). Other variables influencing range, such as elevation changes, driving patterns, and exact payload, were not published.

According to NACFE,  the trucks will be navigating two distinct routes around Sacramento. The first route spans 250-450 miles (402km-750km) daily, with payloads of up to 82,000 pounds. The second route is shorter, at less than 75 miles (121km) per day, and involves varying payloads described as “heavy leaving, diminishing load.”

All the data published by NACFE is below.

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