Tesla Rental Program under development in Texas

Tesla is working towards launching a rental program in Texas, according to a new job posting published by the automaker. The rental program appears as though it would be targeted at Tesla owners whose vehicles are unavailable due to repairs, and airport rentals, but will first launch with employees only.

The job posting itself is fairly generic, with the company seeking a Program Manager in Business Development that would be based out of Austin. However it is in the job description that we see one of the key  responsibilities for the successful candidate would be to help launch a rental program in Texas.

According to the job posting, shared on Linkedin by Melissa Porche Blakely (via Sawyer Merritt), staff program manager at Tesla, the rental program would first launch as a pilot at all Tesla Collision Centers in Texas. According to Tesla’s website, there are currently five Collision Centers in the Lone Star State, located in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and two in and around the Houston area.

The job description goes on to explain that the pilot will be for employees, and will extend beyond Collision Centers to also include airports. “Support the launch in any airports for the tesla employee pilot,” the job description reads.

However the company has much bigger plans for the program which will expand beyond the borders of Texas. Another responsibility in the job description is listed as “Work cross-functionally to help automate the process for a much larger launch” of the program.

As we already know, Tesla vehicles have become popular choices at car rental companies around the world. The most notable is Hertz, which will add 100,000 Tesla vehicles to their global rental fleet.

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