Tesla Vehicle Safety Report: One accident every 7.63 million miles in Q1 2024

Tesla has published their latest Vehicle Safety Report, after more than a year hiatus. The data for the most recent quarter has set a new all-time record for safety with more than 7.5 million miles driven with Autopilot before an accident occurs.

Tesla has been publishing their Vehicle Safety Report since the third quarter of 2018, with the report detailing the number of miles driven per one accident, both with Autopilot technology enabled, and without. Over the years the data has consistently shown that the number of miles driven before an accident occurs is significantly higher with Autopilot technology, than compared to the US average.

When Tesla first started voluntarily reporting this data in Q3 2018, when Tesla’s fleet was much smaller than it is today, Autopilot was still more than six times safer than when a human was behind the wheel.

The most recent update before today came in Q4 2022, when one crash was recorded for every 4.85 million miles with Autopilot engaged. 

Tesla stopped reported the data after that date, but now the automaker has updated their Vehicle Safety Report website to include all data since then, including the most recent quarter, Q1 2024.

According to Tesla, one crash was recorded every 7.63 million miles when Autopilot technology was being used between January and March, 2024. This is more than 11 times safer than the US average, with one accident every 670,000 miles according to government data, and the highest number ever reported by Tesla. It is also significantly higher than the same quarter last year, which is being published for the first time, when it took 5.18 million miles before an accident occurred with Autopilot technology enabled.

Even when Autopilot technology is not used, Tesla’s active standard safety features still provide tremendous safety, with one crash reported for every 955,000 miles.

Previously, the record for the highest number of miles driven before an accident came in Q1 2022, at 6.57 million miles.

You can see Tesla’s entire Vehicle Safety Report history below, and you can read the full report here.

Credit: Tesla
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