Tesla pushes back Full Self-Driving release date to “coming soon” in Canada and U.S.

FSD coming soon
Image via Tesla

With the impending expansion of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta testing program to owners in the U.S., Tesla has updated its website to indicate a full public release isn’t in the cards for this year.

Until last night, the Full Self-Driving Capability section of the Design Studio indicated the final piece of the FSD puzzle, Autosteer on city streets, was “coming later this year.”

Along with increasing the price of the Model Y in Canada overnight, they have now also updated the release date to say Autosteer on city streets is “coming soon.” (h/t: @darew265)

The change is valid for both the Canadian and U.S. versions of the online configurator.

Although it is disappointing to see the change, it should not come as a big surprise, especially for Canadians. Just last month CEO Elon Musk said the company was still months away from releasing the beta version of the software north of the border.

It is however frustrating to see it pushed back yet another time. In an interview with Fortune in December 2015 Musk promised “complete autonomy in approximately two years” .

It will be particularly frustrating for those owners who purchased the feature package in the early days of its offering based on those promises.

Many have even purchased it multiple times since Tesla does not allow it to be transferred to another vehicle, despite a request that the company does so during a quarterly earnings call last year.

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