Tesla proving to be a popular stock for Robinhood users

The recent surge in the price of Tesla shares (TSLA) has drawn a lot of interest from users on the day-trading platform Robinhood.

On Monday alone, when the stock reached highs of nearly $1,800 before closing 3% lower, there were approximately 40,000 Robinhood accounts that added TSLA to their portfolio, according to Robintrack.net.

Tesla shares July 13 2020

After the frenzy Monday, there were over 457,000 user accounts on Robinhood that had some form of Tesla holdings. That made it the 10th most popular stock among its users, ahead of Elon Musk’s buddy, Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Following the volatile day of trading Monday, TSLA was relatively stable on Tuesday, closing 1.32% higher at $1,516.80.

Tesla shares July 14 2020

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