Tesla Owners in Ontario Illuminate the Night with Canadian Flag Light Show

Some Tesla owners in Ontario put on a dazzling Light Show display using their cars this week. The show was coordinated by the Tesla Owners Club Ontario and Tesla Light Shows, and hosted by Sam & Jen, who allowed their property to be used for the display.

The show involved nearly 50 Tesla cars alternating their lights to create changing effects. But what made this Light Show special wass that each vehicle was positioned to form a giant Canadian flag, with the headlights and tailights used to create the red and white colours of the flag.

Tesla fans regularly come together to create light shows. The biggest involved more than 250 cars from all over Europe. The Tesla Light Show is a feature that allows Tesla vehicles to put on a light show set to music using its headlights, taillights, cabin lights, and other lighting.

You can watch the very Canadian Light Show below:

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