Tesla outlines Giga Texas’ economic impact: 15,000 jobs created, $64 million in taxes paid

Travis County commissioners received an update on Tuesday on the economic impact Tesla’s Giga Texas has had on the local economy. With the Gigafactory opening in Austin just last year, Tesla has not only brought an electric vehicle manufacturing hub to the region but has also created a thriving economic ecosystem.

According to Rohan Patel, the North American director of policy and business development at Tesla, the company has been a catalyst for over 15,000 jobs in Travis County as of the end of 2022. This number encompass both direct employment within Tesla and opportunities generated through the extended supply chain, showcasing the extensive ripple effect of Tesla’s presence in the region.

Another key highlight is the average wage paid by Tesla, which stands at an impressive US$74,000, reports KVUE. This not only signifies competitive compensation for the workforce but also attracts skilled professionals to the area, contributing to local talent development.

The scale of Tesla’s Gigafactory is a marvel in itself, with Patel emphasizing its magnitude to commissioners. To put it into perspective Patel said the factory is 50% larger than the Pentagon, making it the second-largest factory building in the world.

In terms of taxes, Tesla’s contribution is substantial. From 2020 to the end of this year, the company estimates that it will have paid $15 million in taxes to Travis County. In Del Valle, during the same period, Tesla’s tax contribution is expected to surpass $49 million.

Tesla’s expansion doesn’t stop at Travis County. In August, it was announced that the company would be expanding into Hays County, with plans to lease up to 1 million square feet in Kyle.

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