Tesla opens Giga Shanghai ‘Experience Store’ to showcase what goes into making a Tesla

To give Tesla fans an inside look at some of the inner workings at Giga Shanghai, the company has opened a brand new ‘Experience Store’ just down the road from the factory.

The Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Experience Store is located just 1km away from the real thing. Inside visitors can get an up close look at various displays that show off aspects of the manufacturing process.

These include batteries, motors, body in white (the stage in manufacturing where the car body’s frame has been joined together, but before painting and other parts have been added), and also fully complete vehicles.

Giga Shanghai Experience
Image via Jay in Shanghai /Twitter
Giga Shanghai Experience
Image via Jay in Shanghai /Twitter

There has been talk previously of Tesla offering official tours inside Giga Shanghai, but nothing has materialized as of yet.

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, official tours were offered at Tesla’s factory in Fremont. The tours were free,  lasted approximately 60 minutes, and were were only available to owners once per year.

Unfortunately the tours are still on-hold, but hopefully they will be starting up again soon as the coronavirus subsides in North America.

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