Tesla offering discounts on Powerwall in the UK and Australia

If you have been eyeing Tesla’s Powerwall as part of your home energy storage solution, and you live in the United Kingdom (UK) or Australia, now might be the best time to spring for it. For buyers in those countries, Tesla is offering discounts on the energy storage device.

According to @TeslaOwnersUK on X, Tesla UK is slicing off £350 (C$600) on Powerwall units. If you need time to consider the offer, the promotion is running from August 11th to the end of the year. You only need to install and register your unit within that time period to claim the rebate.


Meanwhile, Tesla Australia has also announced an A$750 (C$655) rebate on the Powerwall. The timeframe to take advantage of the offer is the same as in the UK. Without the rebate, buyers would part with A$12,990 (C$11,346), according to @techAU on X. While the discount sweetens the deal, the current price is significantly lower than last November when it was quoted as A$20,000 (C$17,47), with installation included.

The rebate amount will be credited to the buyer’s bank account after installing, connecting to the internet, and registering. The Powerwall can provide up to 5 kW of continuous power. The device works indoors or outdoors and is controlled through the Tesla mobile app.

Tesla Powerwall reached the 500,000 units installation milestone globally in June.

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